Hard & Humble

We train and gain together 

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Safe place for new and old

APEX MUAY THAI is a safe place to come lose some weight, get your health back, feel better about yourself and learn to kick some butt!

We have old and young training together. New and experienced. Some of us fight (and some of us just like talking about it)

We have one thing in common: all of us have fun punching and kicking stuff  ]:)

There's no room for ego with us, we're a bit special like that. Everybody is treated with the same respect and civility, from total beginner to super pro. All walks of life are welcome, our differences end when you walk through the door. We train hard together as a team once inside. 

APEX is open to all levels from beginner to pro, from young to old.

Your first week is free, and we have no long term contracts (but we take Direct Debit only!)

PT sessions, diet management and additional support are available at request** 

We're located at 8 Keith Morris Lane, Orewa.

Introducing the new APP!

To service our diverse clientele better we have to get smarter with the sessions, and we have launched our new booking system both on this site (Book a class) and via the Rhinofit app. 


Besides the obvious contact tracing benefits off running a booking system (nobody signs in! I see you!) we also need to be able to provide the right amount and the right type of classes. A booking system is the only way to keep track of (desired) attendance. 


New to Muay Thai? You can still walk in any Monday or Wednesday, we made sure we have the time for you to get settled in.

Not new? Please use the app to secure your spot in the class of your preference.

Use the 'MEMBERS' tab to log on and book your class.

If you are unable to get your login sorted come see Marc, he'll enable your personalized account. 

Shortly we will start limiting access to classes for those that haven't used the booking system :)

Don't be lazy!

If your preferred class is repeatedly unavailable please contact me directly. We have capacity to add additional classes so nobody has to miss out.  

The Rhinofit app is available via the usual app stores.

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