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Apex Muay Thai is a safe place to come lose some weight, get your health back, work on mental health and of course learn to kick butt!

We have something for everypone: Muay Thai Kickboxing, Strength And Conditioning & Private Training Sessions.

It doesn't matter if you're young or old, new or experienced, small or big: we train together in the mixed classes. Nobody is getting hurt, we're all having fun and getting fit and stress free!

Some of us fight (and some of us just like talking about it), and we have special classes for the serious stuff. These are invite only.

We have one thing in common: all of us have fun punching and kicking stuff!

What is Apex MT?

Meet our coaches


Marc N

Head Coach / Owner

Marc is our Head Coach, owner / operator. Marc has trained Muay Thai and Dutch style kickboxing for the last 35+ years in NZ, The Netherlands and Thailand. He's fought internationally, coached globally, and has achieved great results bringing local talent up to International fighting standards.



Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Aimee Humphries has over 15 years experience in strength, conditioning and nutrition. She is well versed in personal training and runs our strength and conditioning classes and well as private training and meal plans



Fighter / Coach

James is an active fighter and a great coach. His classes focus on basics, and getting you started on your Nak Muay or fitness journey. As a new member of Apex you are likely to start in one of his classes. 



Fighter / Coach

Heath is an active fighter and passionate coach. His classes are full of energy, and you may get pushed out of your comfort zone. Expect to work hard!

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