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We love a good fight

Of course we love to fight!

We regularly taking fighters to the ring.  From teenage newbies and middle aged first timers to international champions, girls and boys alike. 

We are organization agnostic, where we try to keep an open mind as to the clubs and events we support. Our main goal is to try and provide the best opportunities for our fighters, gain access to the best and biggest shows and provide a real solid platform for those that want to make something of their fighting careers.  

We've fought in all sorts of styles: Full Muay Thai, Mod-Thai, K1, low-kick, MMA (pro and amateur).

We have an incredible amount of experience in our little gym, and we are only too happy to pass that on to the next generation. 

Across the board the same principle applies: you train hard, you reap the rewards.

Fighting is an attitude - not a fitness level.

No matter how fit you are, how good you look at the gym, your world changes the moment you put in your first shin on shin block.

Life changing stuff ]:)

What do we need from a fighter? 

Once you decide to fight you need to let your coaches know. We will try and talk some sense into you, because it is not something you can take on lightly.

For the duration of your 'training camp' your priorities will have to change from family>work>gym to gym>family>work. Prioritize your training, your opponent certainly is. 

Bring your A game to training, commit to your personalized training plan, and pretty much work your butt off.

Your coaches will commit to you, if you commit to yourself too. 

Only then will you have a chance at some fun in the ring.

And be prepared to be hooked. Fighting is addictive!



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